Technology and Analysis Tools

Our engineering team at American Hydro proudly offers extensive experience in analysis and custom design to the hydro industry. Before the manufacturing process can take place, our engineers utilize our design and analysis tools to predict the performance and reliability of our AMERICAN HYDRO™ equipment.

Evaluation of our customers’ current hydro plant, from finite element structural analysis tools to computational fluid dynamics modeling, gives us insight into equipment replacement or modifications that are needed to increase capacity, efficiency, and life extension.

American Hydro engineers have been at the forefront of proprietary hydro specific software development for over 30 years, having been one of the first to develop powerful three-dimensional finite element analysis tools to apply to the structural design of the some of the largest turbines in the world. Our engineers were also one of the first to adapt this technique to the analysis of turbine fluid flow.

American Hydro analytical tools include:

  • Three-Dimensional Structural Analysis, static and dynamic
  • Advanced Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis, fully viscous, steady and transient
  • Non-linear Shafting Analysis
  • Hydraulic Transient Analysis
  • Interactive Turbine Design

American Hydro has the computer programs and design tools, but most importantly the experience and expertise to successfully use and analyze the programs’ output in creating real world project success. Our analysis tools pave the way for our engineers to create high performance custom turbine designs for our customers. Our commitment to making equipment that is strong and highly dependable is a foundation of our business.

Hydraulic Engineering

Our team of dedicated hydraulic engineers specializes in creating custom designed runners for the upgrade of existing hydroelectric turbines and new units.
Their focus is to create designs that maximize turbine capacity and efficiency while eliminating cavitation to meet our customers’ needs. The complete machine is analyzed for each design to ensure the full operating range is optimized. While optimizing unit performance is paramount, they are ever mindful of the need to balance the structural integrity of the unit with the hydraulic performance.

Mechanical Engineering

Our team of dedicated mechanical engineers draw upon their extensive experience in the design of new equipment and rehabilitation of existing equipment to insure optimal unit operation. Their years of experience allow them to resolve both operational issues of existing units, as well as avoiding future problems in the new units and components they design.